We welcome a broad range of voices, opinions and truly useful information that can help others and help change our society for the better. We cannot publish everything we receive but if you would like to get in touch please email write@alustforlife.com with your clear article concept that would fit into any of the key areas on the website – Mental Health, Physical Health, Soul or The Bigger Picture. We will also need a sample of your writing.

Writing for A Lust For Life

  1. Submit your article concept and suggested title, with a sample of your writing.
  2. If your article is suitable for the site, we will let you know and you can begin writing.
  3. Word count is anything from 700 – 900 words per article.
  4. You’ll need to send through a 1 – 2 line bio along with your finished piece.
  5. We’ll need a good quality head-shot with your finished piece.
  6. Please be as specific as possible with your title so readers will know exactly what your piece relates to.
  7. Keep your article as practical and meaningfully useful to the reader as possible. Keep it real.

Share your personal recovery story to help others

If you would like to submit an article on your recovery journey (what worked for you) through a difficult time to help others in a similar situation, please email share@alustforlife.com.

We are looking for real and powerful stories. These could also be anything from highlighting positive things that are happening in your community to sharing how you navigated your way through a difficult time in your life, with the hope of helping others in similar situations. We cannot publish every story we receive, we may ask for some edits, and it may take us some time to get back to you so your patience is appreciated.

Word count for a personal story is anything from 750 – 1000 words maximum.

Share your photos on our Instagram Page

A beautiful image can have incredibly positive effects on a person’s mood or stress levels. We want you to get involved and help us create something special on our Instagram page @a_lust_for_life.

Send us images you have taken or created that offer you comfort, solace, and calmness. Images that make you happy. We want our platform to be full of images that create a positive energy for those who look at them.

Email in your photos and your Instagram handle to photo@alustforlife.com and spread the word.

Examples of articles written :

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