Vhi A Lust For Life 5k/10k Phoenix Park Run

One of the fastest growing running events in Ireland is back for another year. The Vhi A Lust For Life 5k/10k Phoenix Park Run brought to you the Irish Independent takes place this year on Saturday 5th March in the Phoenix Park.

Over 4,000 runners helped to spread the message to "Run Your Life" and pledged their support to A Lust For Life and Bressie. That includes over 2,000 first time runners. This year, the event will be bigger and better.

Nowadays we live busy lives and push ourselves physically and mentally more than ever. A Lust For Life is a movement for wellbeing. We believe in the power of creating and sharing information that can help us all navigate this sometimes difficult but often wonderful world.

So over the course of the the next 3 months, both the Irish Independent and A Lust For Life are going to prepare you both physically and mentally to join us on Saturday March 5th for a 5k run or a 10k run (or even just walk the course). There will be training plans out every week in Health & Living every Monday and online in our event hub. By March you will indeed be ready to "Run Your Life" and help spread the positive message that A Lust For Life lives by.

Let this be your goal for 2016 and we can assure you that you won't be disappointed.

Charity Partner

Our chosen charity partner is Aware. Aware do phenomenal work in the area of mental wellbeing by providing a range of services including group meetings offering support and information, a telephone and email support service, and a number of programmes based on principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

If you would like to raise sponsorship for the run/walk you can set up a page on www.Justgiving.com or email fundraising@aware.ie for a sponsorship card. Equally you can select a donation on the following page and contribute to their exceptional work.


To everyone who took part in the “The Vhi A Lust For Life 5k/10k Phoenix Park Run” brought to you the Irish Independent down in Dublin. We hope you enjoyed the experience.


10am, 5th March 2016 at Phoenix Park, Dublin

Vhi A Lust For Life 5k/10k Race Results

Click here to to view the 5K results or Click here to to view the 10K results. The Irish Independant will have it’s own supplement within Health & Living & Fit Magazine with the Race Results & photos from the day, plus 2 great articles from Niall Breslin & John O’Regan. Pick up your copy on Monday 7th March.

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5K/10K Training Programmes

Race recovery and the importance of setting new goals

It is important to give yourself time to recover after a race or strenuous exercise and by the time you read this article you will have finished the Vhi A Lust for Life 5K or 10K and should be sufficiently recovered

Week 8: Race Week

The training is done and the best thing you can do between now and race day to ensure you get the most from your recent training is to rest and try get an early night in the days before the race

Week 7: Tapering / Preparing for Race Week

This is your last full week of training and it’s important that you get to the end of this week injury free and feeling race ready. Don’t be tempted to catch up on any missed training sessions as it’s too close to race day to get the benefits from the extra effort

Week6: Staying Motivated

There are times when the training can start to feel monotonous and getting out the door can become more of an effort than it was when you first started

Week5: Avoiding injury

Running places a lot more stress on the lower limbs than they may be used to and that in turn can lead to running related injuries but in most cases these injuries can be avoided. In the beginning your fitness level will improve quite quickly

Week4: Monitoring Progress

Every so often you need to stop and think about how far you’ve come as the progress won’t always be obvious or your training might not be productive. To help with monitoring progress I suggest repeating the parkrun time trial or another simple measure can be repeating a session from early on

Week3: Gathering Momentum

Trying too hard too soon can take away from the enjoyment and if you don’t enjoy it then it lessens your chances of sticking with the plan. Momentum must be built slowly and gradually and if it feels too hard then chances are it is too hard and the solution is to take a small step back and slow it down

Week2: Establishing a routine

Try fitting the exercise sessions around your life rather than trying to fit your life around the exercise and you’ll find that this will make it less stressful and more enjoyable. Use your time wisely and if possibly you should try fit in your session at the first available opportunity

Week1: Getting Started – A Lust For Life Training Plan 5K/10K

The Lust for Life Race offers a choice of 5K or 10K with the distance being dependent on personal choice or expectations. The training plan will appear week by week and you can start on whatever day suits you best

5K/10K Articles

Bressie: You are the true leaders – Thanks for taking part in the Vhi...

Standing at the starting line of the Vhi A Lust for Life run in Phoenix Park, it is hard to quantity the addictive and outstanding energy that magnifies from the 4000 participants

Bressie: Meet anger, abuse and hate with empathy

Reacting with kindness and understanding when confronted with misguided negativity is the smartest move. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action".

Bressie: Respect the mind – it deserves a workout too

Much of what we hear in the media and throughout the expanding dialogue surrounding mental health and emotional wellbeing has been centred around distressing issues such as depression, anxiety and suicide

Bressie: Accept and love yourself for who you are

If ever a television commercial caught the essence and personality of a culture it would have to be the Aldi TV advert where a young woman refuses to take a sincere well-intentioned compliment from a friend

Bressie: Looking for that state of calm? Let it flow

Improve mental fitness by achieving moments of 'hyper-focus', when your mind and body are in perfect fusion

Bressie: Grill politicians meaningfully to achieve change

Mental health services for the country's youth are hugely under-resourced, writes Niall Breslin, but pre-election time is a real opportunity to drive change

Bressie: Identify your triggers to combat anxiety

I'll be honest, sometimes I have to make the same mistake three or four times before I cop on. You see, the difference with my anxiety and depression now, compared to the past is my self-awareness and ability to analyse the 'triggers'

Before we can be better, we must be well

At this prologue stage of the new year, many who committed to a new chapter of change after a debaucherous and exorbitant festive season, have reached the realisation that real positive lifestyle change can be more arduous

Support of peers was key to recovery

The last year of my life has allowed me gain a clarity of thought that for so many years escaped me. Over the recent past I have obtained and refined the knowledge to allow myself deal much more effectively with my own mental and emotional wellbeing

5K/10K Strength Training

What running means to me
Why you need strength training
Workout 1 - Weeks 1 to 4 Strength Training
Workout 1 - Weeks 5 to 8 Strength Training
Workout 2 - Weeks 1 to 4 Strength Training
Workout 2 - Weeks 5 to 8 Strength Training

Taking part the in 5k/10k Phoenix Park Run?

Download our poster – Stretching with Rob & Marian Heffernan.

Rob Heffernan is an Irish race walker, whose career has already seen him to four Olympics and he is now aiming for the Olympics in Rio 2016. Rob claimed a gold medal in the 50k walk at the World Track and Field Championships in Moscow.

Marian Heffernan is an Irish athlete, who competed in the Women's 4 × 400 metres relay at the 2012 Summer Olympics and is fifth in the all-time Irish record books for the women’s 400 metres.