A Lust for Life is an award-winning Irish wellbeing movement, created to transform how we talk about and treat mental health. We are currently looking for some talented and passionate souls to work with us to take our movement to the next level. Do you have the skills and conviction to help us deliver on our mission?:
  • Support, inspire and empower people to take care of their own minds
  • Change societal/cultural norms around mental health
  • Change societal infrastructure, so that our culture and society always catch people when they fall

We currently have no roles available

About Us

We seek to deliver meaningful social change by driving campaigns and interventions using:

  • Website/Digital media
  • Advocacy
  • Media
  • Events
  • Publishing

We also hold our values deeply – they are what we believe to be important in how we behave with each other & the outside world….

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Honest
  • Creative
  • Brave
  • Disruptive
  • Being sound
  • Agile
  • Love
  • Collaboration
  • Intelligent voice

Imagine a society where we all...

  • Talk openly about our mental health – without fear of stigma
  • Understand how to pro-actively take care of our own minds
  • Enjoy greater mental fitness
  • Have a supportive, available and humane mental health system that will always catch us and those we love when we fall

This is what success looks like for A Lust For Life