This site is the successor to Niall Breslin’s (A.K.A Bressie’s) My1000Hours website. Because of the huge popularity of that site, we decided to take things to the next level, to rebrand and develop it into A Lust For Life. Our small team have put a lot of love and hard work into making it special so please let us know what you think or how we can make it better for you.


What are we?

A Lust for Life is a social enterprise with a social mission at its heart. 100% of funds generated are reinvested back into A Lust for Life, with the aim of creating deep and long lasting social change. A Lust for Life was Co-founded by Niall Breslin, Derry McVeigh, Susan Quirke, Pritesh Symonds-Patel and Hugh Cafferky and launched in October 2015. You can read about the story of our first year in action here.

What is a Social Enterprise?

Social enterprises trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment.

What do we do?

We are a national movement for wellbeing. Our vision is a world where the wellbeing of humanity is the headliner on the main stage and everything else is a support act. We aim to deliver social impact by igniting 4 key channels:

1. Our WEBSITE has helped educate, uplift, support and empower over 1 million people in the last 12 months by normalising the conversation around mental health and wellbeing

2. Over 13,000 people have taken part in our EVENTS which have nurtured strong communites, cultivated compassion and solidarity all throughout Ireland

3. Our ADVOCACY work has allowed us to engage and communicate at a policy influencing level, working closely with our allies and advisors in the mental health community, joining the dots and helping to facilitate much needed change.

4. Our MEDIA partnerships have been vital to help us influence culture change creating greater awareness of the issues and magnifying stories that need to be heard.

What is our legal structure?

We are a social enterprise with a legal structure of a limited company.

Who are the Directors?

The Directors of the company are Niall Breslin and Derry McVeigh (on behalf of Silver Hatch Sports LTD).

Are there any shareholders?

The Shareholders of the company are Niall Breslin “Bressie”, Derry McVeigh, Hugh Cafferky and Pritesh Symonds-Patel. Derry McVeigh along with Hugh Cafferky and Pritesh Symonds-Patel run a company called Silver Hatch Sports and it is through Silver Hatch Sports working with Niall Breslin that my1000hours was set up.

My1000hours was the precursor to A Lust for Life. Because of the huge popularity of that site, we decided to take things to the next level, to rebrand and develop it into A Lust For Life.

Do we have any board members?

The aim of having a board is to reflect a stronger community view and to help guide us to deliver greater social impact, while supporting the team along the way. We are honoured to have amazing people on our board, including our Chairperson Paula McLoughlin, Roisin Ingle, Colm McCormack, Gerry Hussey, Dr. Ciara Kelly along with our team Niall Breslin, Susan Quirke, Derry McVeigh, Hugh Cafferky and Pritesh Symonds-Patel. We are taking our time building a board that will honour our work and our vision.

Are we operating as a profit making company?

The Directors have agreed not to take any profits out of A Lust for Life. Rather we will be reinvesting any profit back into A Lust For Life to help grow the enterprise and increase its social impact. That means that all funds currently raised for A Lust For Life are used to continue to pay for the ongoing development and running of our website, to cultivate impactful content so that it may help and support others, and to assist in our advocacy work so that A Lust for Life and our community continue to create real change in people’s lives.

Is anybody receiving a wage from A Lust for Life?

Niall Breslin, Derry McVeigh, Pritesh Symonds-Patel and Hugh Cafferky have worked tirelessly, passionately and often long hours in-between other work commitments to build, maintain, and develop A Lust for Life. This includes technical, legal and PR elements, setting up and the support for our events, along with the general running of the website and social media outlets. Niall, Derry, Pritesh and Hugh have not been paid any money to date.

We are also hugely grateful to have the ongoing support of well-known social innovator, campaigner and member of the Council of State Ruairí McKiernan who has also been helping us on a voluntary basis since we started.

The amount of hours, love, blood, sweat and some tears along with the financial and emotional investment made by the Niall, Pritesh, Derry, Hugh, Susan and Ruairí to keep A Lust for Life going is huge, such is the depth of our belief in its power to create a better society for all.

A Lust For Life has been set up on a shoe string budget. As such our team can only afford one full time person, Editor Susan Quirke.

How does A Lust for life make money?

As it stands A Lust for life has made most all of its money by running events. For example, proceeds from the ‘The Cork City Airport Run’ have 100 per cent been reinvested into the running costs of A Lust For Life’s website.

Do we receive funding/sponsorship?

In October 2016, we were honoured to be announced as a recipient of the prestigious Social Entrepreneurs Ireland IMPACT award. The award itself is 100k in funding provided over a 2 year period (2016/2018) with another 40K in value worth of access to the best supports, advice and guidance to allow us build and thrive. You can watch Niall’s and Susan’s acceptance speech here.

In early 2016 we also received a grant of €5k from the ESB Energy for Generations Fund for our work on promoting positive mental health which we were so grateful for. We are always looking to connect with suitable partners, funders and sponsors who align with the spirit of our work and vision. We always aspire to ensure that good ethics remain at the heart of what we do and how we operate in the world.


We are a highly driven and an immensely passionate team always aiming to increase our social impact to deliver real long-lasting and sustainable change, but to do this we have to start covering more costs. We are looking for funding/sponsorship.

To date, most people involved with A Lust For Life are volunteers, including our board of trustees, our contributors, writers and management team. We do not receive any government funding so all funds raised are much needed and hugely appreciated.

There are many ways in which you can contribute to helping A Lust For Life create long lasting meaningful social change. We need help with all sorts of things including:

Website sponsorship
Competition giveaways
Marketing and publicity

Please note, while we appreciate offers of volunteer support, we are not always able to facilitate requests because of the current small size of our operation. If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us via info@alustforlife.com




Niall is a retired professional rugby and inter county football player, a multi-platinum selling song writer and music producer, public speaker and documentary maker who comes from the midlands town of Mullingar in Co. Westmeath. He is currently a coach on The Voice of Ireland TV show and an active and extremely passionate mental health campaigner. His recent book “Me and my mate Jeffrey” which he wrote about his journey with his mental health illness became a bestseller and he is currently filming a number of documentaries regarding the subject of mental health and emotional wellness in Ireland.



Susan Quirke, A.K.A Susie Q, originally hails from Co. Limerick and made the decision 10 years ago to only work on projects that creatively engage and meaningfully empower people to live well. She has been lucky enough to fulfil this promise to herself. Interested in melding the social with the holistic, she has been involved in creating online content, campaigns and events for the past decade and has worked with some brilliant folk such as The Soar Foundation, Body&Soul, SpunOut.ie and Possibilities 2011, which brought the Dalai Lama to Ireland. She dreamt up and edited publications such as the ‘Be the Revolution’ social change booklet and the ‘Youth Rising’ free street magazine. Susie Q is also in the midst of recording her debut album.


Technical Director

Pritesh is a Director of Silver Hatch Sports and has always had a talent with computers. He decided over 10 years ago to invest in his own talent, walking away from a career in banking and starting a web design company with Hugh Cafferky. Pritesh’s ability to bring unique programming skills along with a great eye for aesthetics, has contributed to many satisfied clients and a successful business over this period. With Derry McVeigh, Pritesh expanded the business scope to include sports and personality management through Silver Hatch Sports. Pritesh’s insight into digital media strategy is a key factor to success with many sponsorship deals. He has a great ability to drive content which results in record unique hits on projects. He has been driven in recent years to develop his own projects and products and believes strongly in the mission behind A Lust For Life.


PR & Events Director

Derry McVeigh is a Director of Silver Hatch Sports, is based in Dublin and manages various athletes from world of athletics, rugby and swimming. In 2012, he managed 9 athletes that represent both Team Ireland and Team GB at London Olympics 2012. One client he has been working with outside of sports over the past number of years is Niall Breslin A.K.A Bressie. While managing and working with Bressie over the past 3 years he has been a central figure in driving Bressie’s passion in the area of Mental Fitness. Niall, Derry and Pritesh along with Silver Hatch Sports built the brand my1000hours which has now been re-branded to A Lust for Life.


Legal & Marketing Director

Hugh is an entrepreneur at heart. Once invested in a project he is committed. He has been involved with a web design/digital media business, a sports management business and a Thai restaurant. Hugh has a long term working relationship with Pritesh Symonds-Patel and Derry McVeigh. Pritesh and Hugh have worked in digital media and web design for over 10 years. With Derry McVeigh, Hugh expanded the business scope to include sports and personality management through Silver Hatch Sports. Hugh has always worked to high standards not compromising on quality or ethics. Working with high profile athletes he has worked through two Olympic games and stood beside athletes through thick and thin. It is through developing such relationships that Hugh has been able to add value with individuals, teams and organisatins on any project he has been involved in. Work has always been fun for Hugh who has been involved in variety of projects including TV documentaries; websites such as e commerce to mobile phone applications and helping his wife run a successful Thai restaurant. Hugh has always wanted to be involved in a project that has a social benefit and reach, and has been inspired by Bressie to be part of the team to help bring A Lust For Life to fruition.

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