Sometimes it’s good to ask deeper questions in order to find real answers. Often it’s necessary to expose ourselves to our very core before we can discover what our true values are, what we stand for, who we want to be and what makes us happy. Many people take great comfort in connecting into their inner lives, what might be called our soul or our spiritual side. Others just want to learn how to connect more with what’s around them, and to be more present in life. Engaging more with our soul can allow us grasp a deeper meaning of ourselves and this can allow for greater healing, more love, compassion, empathy, better connection with others and a sense of purpose. Don’t shy away from diving deeply into your soul. After all, it’s our remarkably unique signature in a world of 7 billion others, and a mirror of who you really are.


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Finding Meaning

Meditation and reflective journaling

As we begin this new calendar year, we are granted with an amazing opportunity to connect, reflect and look forward. When I write of connecting, I mean in the sense of 'self-connecting'

The 5 stages of grief

When it comes to the grieving process, it can be broken down into five stages known as the five stages of grief. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of ‘On Grief and Grieving’, gave a detailed description of the stages

Spoken Word – ‘Prozac Positivity’

Here is a poem by Stephen James Smith, a Dublin poet and playwright, on his personal journey with his journey with medication for his mental health


How to live alcohol free

Following on from my first A Lust for Life article 15 things I absolutely love about not drinking, here are some steps to support you on your journey to living an alcohol free life

5 Tips for handling anxiety at work courtesy of my co-workers

Coping with anxiety is hard, but dealing with it at work can be a nightmare. There are a number of fast acting medications that can help in a pinch, but they can be addictive

A new year of self-care, mindfulness and improved well-being made simple

With the dawning of a brand new year upon us, we often attempt to ‘begin again’ with our diet, our fitness plan or with a new set of goals

Finding Purpose

Your childhood dream holds key information – Passion equals success

A funny thing happens when we leave school or college and enter the workforce. We fall prone to a strange type of amnesia

Finding meaning and purpose for your own wellbeing

Having purpose in your life is so important. Purpose provides motivation and direction on a daily basis and in our medium to long term life journeys

The beginning of a conversation with the soul

‘The unexamined life is not worth living’. Socrates. Ever ask yourself “What am I doing with my life?”

Songs in the key of Positivity


May Kay ‘Winter Wonderland’ for A Lust For Life’s ‘Songs In The Key Of Positivity’

Watch the wonderful May Kay perform Christmas classic ‘Winter Wonderland’ accompanied by the Camden Players

Songs in the key of positivity – Every time I hear that melody

When people are asked the impossibly difficult question of what their favourite album is

Róisín O ‘Please Come Home For Christmas’ for A Lust For Life’s ‘Songs In The Key Of Positivity’

Watch the amazing Róisín O perform Christmas classic ‘Please Come Home For Christmas’ accompanied by the incredible Camden Players

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10 Questions With…

You are Alive


Compassion every day

Had you asked me five years ago, while I was undertaking my training in clinical psychology, what compassion meant, I might have said that it meant giving yourself a night off or being kind to someone

Top 5 Soul Articles

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