Sometimes it’s good to ask deeper questions in order to find real answers. Often it’s necessary to expose ourselves to our very core before we can discover what our true values are, what we stand for, who we want to be and what makes us happy. Many people take great comfort in connecting into their inner lives, what might be called our soul or our spiritual side. Others just want to learn how to connect more with what’s around them, and to be more present in life. Engaging more with our soul can allow us grasp a deeper meaning of ourselves and this can allow for greater healing, more love, compassion, empathy, better connection with others and a sense of purpose. Don’t shy away from diving deeply into your soul. After all, it’s our remarkably unique signature in a world of 7 billion others, and a mirror of who you really are.

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Ways to ‘Ground’ yourself to inner calmness

In times of life’s inevitable ups and downs we often experience overwhelm and/or major stress. Sometimes, when we seek help, supportive friends or complimentary therapists talk about ‘Grounding’ as a good way to calm down

Providing space for suffering

I’m writing this for those of us who have a tendency to block out, ignore or strongly resist intense and painful emotions when they arise. Personally, I have had lifelong habits of freezing, numbing and completely misunderstanding

Finding Meaning

Terry Wogan, a crisis of confidence, and me

His was a life what the hell am I doing with mine? It was a few Sundays ago when I woke up at the unusually-early-for-me weekend time of quarter to ten. Bleary, I switched on the radio and heard an item about Terry Wogan

Changing our emotions from demons to diamonds

An emotion is only a temporary state of mind, basically, it’s just a piece of energy and energy wants to flow. - Antonio Damasio, a Neurologist

10 Questions With…

10 Questions with Colm Mac Con Iomaire

Well known musician Colm Mac Con Iomaire talks to us about life, happiness and rock and roll. Colm is originally from Dublin and lives in County Wexford with his wife Sheila and their two children, Oisín and Darach

10 questions with Terry McMahon

Originally from Mullingar, Terry McMahon is an Irish director, producer, writer and actor, known for his roles in Batman Begins, and also the award winning Patrick's Day which Terry is a Producer-Writer-Director of

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Finding Purpose

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How to smash this year’s Christmas Party – alcohol free

It’s the silly season when Christmas parties reign supreme. This is the chance for everyone to make merry, drink a shed load

Songs in the key of Positivity

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