Our physical health is intrinsically linked to our mental health and general well-being. How and what we eat and drink and our levels of exercise can all positively contribute to a much healthier and happier lifestyle. Before you set goals and targets for your physical well-being, explore your motivations for doing it. It is these motivations that will help drive you to achieve whatever targets you set for yourselves. There is something out there for everyone, from the people with a high level of physical fitness, to those embarking on a journey of improving their physical well-being for the first time. We want to remove the fear factor often associated with investing in a new physical fitness plan by making our programmes and advice accessible and practical. Our body, mind and spirit when working in tandem together can contribute to a much happier life.


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Sport Psychology

What keeps great athletes going?

The question of what keeps great athletes going is often asked: what keeps them motivated, even after they have achieved their goal and won the medals

Body image: The protein kids

On men lifting weights: “Very strange generation gap, it’s just a fashion, it’s a fad.” – Economist David McWilliams in the Irishman Abroad Podcast November 2015

Practice what you preach and step outside your comfort zone

The morning of September 30th was different from any other morning I have ever experienced


Roz Purcell’s Cottage Pie

This cottage pie is a perfect example of a pure comfort, nutritious and lean dish to get you through a busy training period and still keep those taste buds and scales happy!

Roz Purcell’s Bike Bars

Training for Ironmind Triathlon? If so, these might have you sorted, super tasty & a texture perfect for sticking in your back pocket for a couple of hours

“Jaysis me bones are cold” soup

I’m sorry to say this but it’s coming into the season where you will think (and feel!) “jaysis me bones are cold”

Training Programmes

Tips for exercise recovery

If you type into Google “how to recover after a run”, you will be bombarded with tips and tricks. Frankly, it’s all a bit confusing and overwhelming

‘Connect to your core’ yoga session

The core of our body can be an area where we can hold anxiety and stress. The initial reaction to a situation can be felt in our core first

5 minute Yoga for anxiety

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means to unite. Yoga is practiced worldwide now for health and relaxation combining Pranayama (breathing) and Asanas (postures)

Fit Workout 3

This 8-week Fit plan will really jump-start your fitness regiment. It is designed to boost your metabolism and burn body fat while maintaining lean muscle tissue. It will also help to increase your overall strength and stamina while delivering maximum results in minimal time

Strong Workout 1

This 8-week Strength plan is designed to get you started off on the right foot for building a solid base of strength and endurance. You will achieve maximum strength gains while also increasing lean muscle mass and revving up your metabolism

Sneaky Yoga fix – Gentle Yoga moves for confined space or time

Alarms, texts, emails, traffic, phone-calls, noise, bills, cash machines, queues, traffic, emails. Just an average few hours in your day?

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Dealing with injury


Stretching to win

Whether training for football, golf, a 10K run or triathlon, most people recognise the performance benefits of a progressive strength and conditioning program; stretching programmes however are often less popular and somewhat neglected

Sprint beginner

A Lust For Life Runners Page

Top 5 Physical Health Articles

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