Our physical health is intrinsically linked to our mental health and general well-being. How and what we eat and drink and our levels of exercise can all positively contribute to a much healthier and happier lifestyle. Before you set goals and targets for your physical well-being, explore your motivations for doing it. It is these motivations that will help drive you to achieve whatever targets you set for yourselves. There is something out there for everyone, from the people with a high level of physical fitness, to those embarking on a journey of improving their physical well-being for the first time. We want to remove the fear factor often associated with investing in a new physical fitness plan by making our programmes and advice accessible and practical. Our body, mind and spirit when working in tandem together can contribute to a much happier life.

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Sport Psychology

Practice what you preach and step outside your comfort zone

The morning of September 30th was different from any other morning I have ever experienced

Using Good Goal Setting to re-awaken your Lust for Life

I think it is important to remember that when individuals make the decision to make a change aspects of their lives, in an effort to achieve better results


David Gillick’s ‘Cauliflower-Broccoli Gratin’ – Good food from the track to the table

Over the past few weeks A Lust for Life has been sharing some of David’s healthy recipe’s from his new book, “David Gillick’s Kitchen – Good food from the track to the table” now available in all good bookshops nationwide and online

“Jaysis me bones are cold” soup

I’m sorry to say this but it’s coming into the season where you will think (and feel!) “jaysis me bones are cold”

Training Programmes

Ironmind Tri – Mental Prep Part 3 – ‘IT Day’

‘Race day isn’t the challenging part, it’s the reward for the months of hard work while you were training.’

Week6: Staying Motivated

There are times when the training can start to feel monotonous and getting out the door can become more of an effort than it was when you first started

Strong Workout 1

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Dealing with injury


First time Olympic distance triathlon

Triathlons consist of a swim, cycle and run, consecutively and vary in distance depending on the particular Triathlon being undertaken.

Stretching to win

A Lust For Life Runners Page

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