Our mental health can always be strengthened and improved if we genuinely invest in it, take care of ourselves and each other, and get help if we need it. We want to explore all the invaluable resources, tools, information and therapies out there for people looking to improve their mental fitness, emotional lives and psychological resilience. Mental health can be a subjective and personal journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, and it’s ultimately up to each of us to explore and customise the most effective course of action for ourselves. Of course professional help can play an important role in this. Experiencing mental well-being empowers us to live well in a world that is often challenging, yet always offers opportunities for healing and happiness.


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Tips to cope with stress in the work place

Unfortunately, workplace stress hits us all. Some stress is normal; it is part of an everyday working life. It can even be used to our advantage at times

I wish I had let myself be happier

When Bronnie Ware took a job as a palliative care assistant nursing the dying through their final days she probably didn’t realise the experience was going to be such a transformative one

Combat teacher burnout as the summer approaches: tips for you and your classroom

So it’s mid-June and that time of year again. The sun is shining (well most days anyway) and the summer holidays are so close, we can almost smell the sweet scent of July!

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology: what is it all about?

Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands of books have been written and even more articles published about courageous people who have overcome their adversities

Bressie: Accept and love yourself for who you are

If ever a television commercial caught the essence and personality of a culture it would have to be the Aldi TV advert where a young woman refuses to take a sincere well-intentioned compliment from a friend

Challenge yourself and watch your life change for the better

According to a study, one-third of people give up on their new year resolutions by the end of March, over 50% quit it by the end of June, and 92% of people fail to achieve

Children and Adolescents

Why we need to teach children about the new science of stress

When I asked my class of 31 ten year olds recently ‘Who has experienced stress in their lives?’ every single hand went up. We then shared stories of the different events or situations

10 Great Options If You Didn’t Get the College Course You Wanted

Didn't get that college place you wanted? Try not to stress too much, you have options, lots of them

Online pornography and young minds

When it comes to the existence of mobile devices and their prominent role in young people’s lives, one thing that we need to all be aware of


Mindfulness Program: Week 4 of a 4 Week Introduction to Mindfulness

Welcome to the final week of the 4 Week Introduction to Mindfulness. If you have done any of the meditation practices or home practice exercises

Why you should always have mindfulness as a backup without the need to become a monk

We all know physical exercise is great for mental health; it’s like fertiliser for the brain. However, if you’ve ever had a sports injury you’ll know that the toughest battle is mental

Ten Tips for Introducing Mindfulness with Children

I’ve noticed mindfulness has been cropping up a lot in the media recently. Some people have even referred to it as the latest fad. However mindfulness is over 2,500 years old


Some truths about suicide – my personal thoughts

There is a lot of talk in the media at present about mental health and this is fantastic, the more people that feel comfortable talking about issues out there, the better

Preventing Suicide: Reaching Out and Saving Lives

World Suicide Prevention Day each year affords us an opportunity to reflect and to remember that the battle to reduce the numbers of people completing suicide is one we can never afford to lose focus on

Are you thinking about suicide as an option for you?

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. A Lust For Life asked Eoin Galavan, Senior Clinical and Counselling Psychologist, to write a piece specifically for anyone who is thinking about suicide as an option at this time

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Mental Nutrition



Have yourself a conscious Christmas

In the days and weeks running up to Christmas, it is easy to understand why many of us lose sight of the true essence of this wonderful, winter celebration and what it is really about

The Power Of Matcha




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