Our mental health can always be strengthened and improved if we genuinely invest in it, take care of ourselves and each other, and get help if we need it. We want to explore all the invaluable resources, tools, information and therapies out there for people looking to improve their mental fitness, emotional lives and psychological resilience. Mental health can be a subjective and personal journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, and it’s ultimately up to each of us to explore and customise the most effective course of action for ourselves. Of course professional help can play an important role in this. Experiencing mental well-being empowers us to live well in a world that is often challenging, yet always offers opportunities for healing and happiness.

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Developing children’s resilience: Three approaches from Positive Psychology

Resilience is one of the most important gifts we can give our children. As a parent and primary teacher, I’m all too aware of the many challenges and pressures

Contentment is the springboard for success

What does it mean to be content? What does it truly mean to you? Like many words connected to emotions and feelings, these can be interpreted in different ways;

Positive Psychology

Weather and happiness

Sunny weather does not make you happy. What you choose to do with your precious time, when the sun is shining makes you happy

New Year Plan: Be Real

The new year has begun and as a fan of not making specific resolutions, I have spent some time instead reflecting on how I wish to be in the world this year

Children and Adolescents

Why video gaming can be a useful activity for wellbeing

One of the most popular activities an adolescent or young person engages in is video gaming, and quite often it is considered a worry

Anxiety in Children

If children were taught early on in life the symptoms of anxiety and how to manage them, then our world would be a much healthier place


Mindfulness – The Bicep Curl for the Brain

The growing interest in Mindfulness is an indication that there is a need to slow down, create space and reduce stress. It is time to focus on wellbeing, resilience and self-awareness. So what exactly is Mindfulness?

The habit of thinking too much – Mindfulness and Buteyko breathing video series

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing some of Patrick McKeown’s techniques via a new video series he has created

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Mental Nutrition



The battery life of a teacher – Top tips on how...

I recently began a discussion with a group of teachers about their ‘battery life’ as a teacher. I showed them an image that illustrated the ‘battery life of a teacher’ as being full on


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